To encourage, foster, and promote the sport of girls' lacrosse in the state of Arizona in a safe and sportsmanlike environment.

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Scorekeeper's Corner


Below are several documents that teams in the AGLA League may find useful in tracking their team statistics. The goal of the league is to strive for consistency and accuracy in the fair reporting of statistics for our league games. 

AGLA Home Team Handbook (PDF)

Scorekeeper Training Presentation 2023

AGLA Women's Lacrosse Statistics Guide with Scenarios (PDF)

Abbreviated Stats Guide (PDF)

AGLA Scoresheet
This Excel template document contains six tabs:  Scoresheet Front Entry Instructions, Scoresheet Front, Scoresheet Back, Roster Sheet, Scorekeepers Balancing Tips, and a Sample Completed Front Sheet.

Womens Lacrosse Statistic Manual

Scoresheet Completed Front

Scoresheet Completed Back

Timer Guidelines

AGLA Health and Safety Form
This form should be filled out and put in the front of your scorekeepers book. 

Timers/Scorers Guidelines
This two page document covers sideline etiquette for the scorers/timers table, clock/horn requirements, and other important facts about the administration of the game.

Guide to Official's Hand Signals
A visual guide to the hand signals used by the officials.

Recommended Items for Team Scorebooks
A suggested list of items to include in every team scorebook. This will assist anyone that may be called upon to keep your team stats during the season.