To encourage, foster, and promote the sport of girls' lacrosse in the state of Arizona in a safe and sportsmanlike environment.

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Arizona Girls' Lacrosse Association Bylaws & Archives

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Change Log:


Revised wording in Section 15 A Season Scheduling to adjust for practices and tryouts to start either 5 weeks before first games or when LaxCon concludes, whichever is earlier. 


Replaced wording in Section 5 to represent the 2 Varsity division format for championships, aligning with how the league played the championships in the 2021 and 2022 seasons and will play with 2 divisions. 

Replaced wording in Section 15G to represent the 2 Varsity division format and eliminate the JV decision to do either modified check or full check.  It also describes how teams will select in each divison.

2/2/2022 (change that went into effect on 2/2/22)

Update Section 21 Rostering Rules to codify general rostering rules and practices of the AGLA and add new rostering rules for goalies specifically, allowing goalies to be simultaneously rostered on JV and Varsity. Updated language clarifies expectations that players may generally only be rostered onto one team (JV or Varsity), options for JV players to play up on Varsity, options for goalies to be multi-rostered, and maintains existing Flex Player language.

1/2/2022 (change that went into effect on 11/1/21)

Amended bylaw for goalie selection to all-star selection. Goalies will be selected by coaches (in their division) at the end of the regular season and shall be limited to the top four goalies (per varsity division) to make the All-Star Team. Goalies will NOT count toward the number of players in the All-Star Game.

1/2/2022 (change that went into effect on 2/20/20)
Added a “flex rostering rule” to the rules and regulations. The language that was voted on was produced during the February BOD meeting. This was then voted on after the February meeting via google form and passed with at least 16 (17 if you open up the form now) MALs voting yes to adopt it.

Note: This is a very late change to the bylaws and there was a large amount of information passed around during this time. There was some original language that was interpreted as what passed a vote, but this is not the case. Documentation of this is now saved in the drive for future reference.

Language added for flex rostering rule:

If your total program has less than (32) rostered players (combined rostered Varsity and JV players) - your program can take advantage of the Flex Player Rule.
If your JV team has less than (16) players rostered as JV players you can have up to (4) non- starting / non-elite varsity players play down to support the JV team, increasing the JV roster to a maximum of 16 total players (maximizing 4 flex players from Varsity)

If your Varsity team has less than (16) players rostered you can bring up to (4) JV players to support the Varsity team increasing the Varsity roster up to 16 total players (maximizing 4 flex players from JV)
If a player played Varsity during the previous season the player cannot flex down to JV unless your program did not have a JV program the previous year and Varsity was the only place for that player to play.

Rosters must be submitted in accordance with the bylaws 48 hours prior to game time. If a coach has an issue with a rostered flex player, both coaches will try to work it out, if a resolution is unreachable then the coaches can email the executive committee for a final ruling on the flex player's eligibility with a minimum of 24 hours before the game.


Revised Rules and Regulations 15, Season Scheduling to define what is considered an open practice from a closed practice and how many practices are allowed for each.

September 5, 2018:


Revised Article XVI Section 12 G Boundary Rule to allow students that attend a school without a lacrosse team to play for a current program if that school is within the boundaries of that team.

Revised Article II: Relation to US Lacrosse. Voted on and amended at the 9/5/2018 Board of Directors Meeting as reflected in the meeting minutes posted to the AGLA website under the Boards tab.

Removed verbiage: under the umbrella of the Arizona Chapter of US Lacrosse. (This chapter no longer is active)

Bylaws v 09.05.2018

Bylaws v 11.01 2017 PDF

Key Revision Read and Updated During Janauary 2018 EC Meeting

Bylaws v 8.03 2016 PDF

Key Revision Updated 12.17.16 

Key Revisions: Article XV, Section 12 A & B updated to by laws to state that 2016 7th and 8th graders who were in our association are grandfathered in and may still play on JV or move tot the middle school league.
All new 7th and 8th graders who did not reside or play in the AGLA must participate in the middle school league.

v. 9.3.2014(PDF)
Updated: 9/27/2014

Bylaws v. 10.2.2013
Updated: 1/8/2014

Bylaws v. 8.7.2013
Updated: 8/7/2013

Bylaws v. 2.10.2013
Updated: 2/10/2013

Bylaws v. 9.29.2012
Updated: 9/29/2012

Bylaws v. 8.15.12
Updated: 8/15/2012
Key Revisions: Article V, Section 1 updated to remove restrictions on office eligibility, now allows non-MAL's to be elected to the EC. 

Bylaws v. 11.2.11 
Updated: 11/2/2011
Key Revisions: Article IV, Section 1 updated to allow for MAL changes throughout the year based on EC approval and a 21 day activation period.

By Laws v. 10.24.11
Updated: 10/24/2011
Key Revisions: R&R #15 as voted and approved in the 10/24/11 BOD meeting. This change is modify the season scheduling process to allow scheduling via an automated tool rather than manual process at a scheduling meeting.

By Laws v. 10-2011
Updated: 10/5/2011
Key Revisions: Article VII Section 7 as voted and approved in the 10/5/11 BOD meeting. This change is to clarify the process of overturning an Executive Committee decision.

By-Laws v. 9-2011
Updated: 9/7/2011
Key Revisions: Article VII Section 4 and Article IX Section 1 as voted and approved in the 9/7/11 BOD meeting. This change is to make the Executive Committee positions non-voting (except the President as tie-breaker).

ByLaws v. 9-2010
Updated: 9/1/2010
Key Revisions: R&R #15, D, J, K, L and Amendment #4 as voted in during the 9-1-2010 AGLA BOD meeting (as reflected in Minutes posted under AGLA Board tab).

ByLaws v. 10-2009
Updated: 10/7/2009
Key Revisions: R&R #1-C and #16 to reflect „and coaches? for roster submissions.

ByLaws v. 9-2009
Updated: 9/16/09
Key Revisions: By-Laws to reflect changes to R&R #8 and R&R #15 as voted in during the 9-16-09 meeting (as reflected in the AGLA Special Mtg Minutes 9-16-09 posted on AGLA Board tab).

ByLaws v. 8-2009
Updated: 8/12/2009
Key Revisions: By-Laws to reflect changes voted in during the 8-12-2009 AGLA BOD meeting (as reflected in Minutes posted under AGLA Board tab).

ByLaws v. 3-2009
Updated: 3/4/09
Key Revisions: Section 4 to remove scorekeepers from USL membership requirements.
Modified Rules and Regulations Section 20 to reflect new penalty card wording.

Prior Versions:
ByLaws 2-2009
ByLaws 8-2008
ByLaws 7-2008
ByLaws 7-2007