To encourage, foster, and promote the sport of girls' lacrosse in the state of Arizona in a safe and sportsmanlike environment.

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Change Team: 

The safety of our players is a primary concern at each game.  The on field safety is monitored by the officials; the sideline safety is the responsibility of each team and is managed by the sideline manager.   Every team, home and visitor, must designate a sideline manager for each game.  

The Sideline manager from each team must introduce themselves to the Officials prior to the start of the game, but no later than half time.  Lack of sideline manager can be identified by any official, EC member, or opposing team and will be enforced by officials.  If there is no sideline manager the team will play down one player for 2 minutes at the beginning of the second half.   It is recognized that the sideline manager is a volunteer role, so assessing the penalty at the beginning of the second half provides a grace period to account for traffic or other unexpected events that may cause the sideline manager to be a few minutes late.   

Attached are a few documents to assist the sideline manager.  

Sideline Manager Instructions (PDF)

Sportmanship Card (PDF)