To encourage, foster, and promote the sport of girls' lacrosse in the state of Arizona in a safe and sportsmanlike environment.

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Congratulations to the 2021 Arizona USA Lacrosse Award Recipients. These finalists were at the top of their class.


All American - 
A US Lacrosse All-American is a player who exhibits superior skills and techniques and possesses exceptional game sense and knowledge. A US Lacrosse All-American is one of the best players in the United States, while also embodying excellent sportsmanship.

All Academic - 
A US Lacrosse All-Academic honoree is a player who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on the field, and represents high standards of academic achievement in the classroom


Jackie Pitts -  
This award recognizes a senior player in each area who truly honors the game of lacrosse, is invested in the development of the game in her community, is an exceptional player who continually strives to improve her game, and is an exemplary member of her team. She exemplifies the spirit of the game, on and off the field. Academically, she is an outstanding student and a valued role model in her school.



2021 AGLA Post Season Awards

 All State - Division 1


Lauren Ribadeneira (Pinnacle) & Kaitlyn Nord (Chaparral)


Rylee Dockery (Chandler), Avery Rogers (Desert Vista), Srah Hughes (Chaparral), & Angelina Hook (Notre Dame)


Carly Dirrgl (Desert Vista), Emily Radke (Pinnacle), Evie Tanella (Chandler), Jocelyn Burgess (Chaparral), Acacia Connor (Notre Dame), Kelsey Pinta (Desert Vista), & Sienna Duffill (Notre Dame)


Kaleigh Bruss (Pinnacle), Jacinda Connor (Notre Dame), Anna Lewis (Desert Vista), & Sarah Zucker (Chaparral)

Goalie of the Year

Lauren Ribadeneira (Pinnacle)

Defender of the Year

Rylee Dockery (Chandler)

Midfielder of the Year

Carly Dirrgl (Desert Vista)

Attacker of the Year

Kaleigh Bruss (Pinnacle)


 All State - Division 2


Izzy Rundle (Pinnacle) & Trista Brady (Oro Valley)


Hadlee DeCampos (Higley), Jolie Nichols (Horizon), Bella Giannini (Xavier), & Faith Graham (Pinnacle)


Kate Mileski (Horizon), Noelle Coleman (Higley), Nalani Briggs (Pinnacle), Payton Sturba (Cactus Shadows), Laurena Filoti (Oro Valley), Linnea Cross (Horizon), & Milania Iganian (Chaparral)


Keilani Hong (Xavier), Alex Brulport (Horizon), Gigi Riviere (Xavier), & Gaby Jones (Cactus Shadows)

Goalie of the Year

Izzy Rundle (Pinnacle)

Defender of the Year

Hadlee DeCampos (Higley)

Midfielder of the Year

Kate Mileski (Horizon)

Attacker of the Year

Keilani Hong (Xavier)


 League Wide Awards

Sportswoman of the Year

Peyton Ross (Carona Del Sol)

Referee of the Year


Coach of the Year

Reginald Younger Jr.

Honor the Game

Oro Valley & Horizon

Volunteer of the Year

Chris Ross and Devin Martin


All Star - Division 1

D1 Blue - HC Ivy Richey D1 White - HC Larissa Murdock
Greta McGinnis (Pinnacle) Emily Radke (Pinnacle)
Emma Dinnan (Corona Del Sol) Kaleigh Bruss (Pinnacle)
Aubrie Smith (Pinnacle) Alexis Escobedo (Pinnacle)
Kelsey Pinta (Desert Vista) Anna Lewis (Desert Vista)
Briana Gardiner (Desert Vista) Carly Dirrgl (Desert Vista)
Avery Rogers (Desert Vista) Taryn Gleash (Desert Vista)
Gabby Valadez (Chandler) Rylee Dockery (Chandler)
Nicole Lalime (Chandler) Evie Tanelle (Chandler)
Peyton Ross (Corona Del Sol) Jordyn Huguez (Corona Del Sol)
Addyson Johnson (Pinnacle) Tyler Amberg (Corona Del Sol)
Sarah Hughes (Chaparral) Madison Sherrill (Chaparral)
Karina Velez (Chaparral) Claire Zucker (Chaparral)
Sarah Zucker (Chaparral) Acacia Connor (Notre Dame)
Jacinda Connor (Notre Dame) Sienna Duffill (Notre Dame)
Madison Felton (Notre Dame) Brooklyne Gabrisko (Notre Dame)
Angelina Hook (Notre Dame) Jocelyn Burgess (Chaparral)
Kaitlyn Nord (Chaparral) Lauren Ribadeneira (Pinnacle)
Mary Elizabeth Karlsson (Notre Dame) Emily Larson (Chandler)


All Star - Division 2

D2 Blue - HC Jen Nevatt/Diana Oduho D2 White - HC Whitney Leavitt
Hadlee DeCampos (Higley) Noelle Coleman (Higley)
Ashlyn Campbell (Higley) Iris Leavitt (Higley)
Morgan Landy (Higley) Rebecca Van Orden (Higley)
Bella Gianni (Xavier) Keilani Hong (Xavier)
Gigi Riviere (Xavier) Joan Walton (Xavier)
McKenna Boyer (Xavier) Marlee McCloskey (Xavier)
Kate Mileski (Horizon) Linnea Cross (Horizon)
Carly Richardson (Horizon) Alex Brulport (Horizon)
Jolie Nichols (Horizon) Gaby Domenzain-Vera (Horizon)
Emily Furnish (Pinnacle) Nalani Briggs (Pinnacle)
Ariana Oliver (Pinnacle) Faith Graham (Pinnacle)
Kailey Knox (Pinnacle) Elle Dirck (Pinnacle)
Gabby Jones (Cactus Shadows) Payton Sterba (Cactus Shadows)
Julia Fox (Cactus Shadows) Lilian Glantz (Cactus Shadows)
Lauren Filoti (Oro Valley) Kaylie Charters (Oro Valley)
Hanna Etter (Oro Valley) Makena Limon (Oro Valley)
Milania Iganian (Chaparral) Macey Wollheim (Chaparral)
Lexi Segline (Desert Mountain) Kate Mitchell (Desert Mountain)
Ann Obiesie (Xavier) Mya Jaseph (Higley)
Trista Brady (Oro Valley) Isabella Rundle (Pinnacle)